Virtual Connect Manager – loading libraries


If you are using HP Virtual Connect with firmware older than 4.01 you probably have this problem today – after successfully login into Virtual Connect Manager you are seeing „loading libraries – 4%…” and nothing happens. Everything except GUI works fine.

This is problem with Virtual Connect firmware and this is known issue so don’t worry.

Solution for this is to update VC firmware to ver. 4.01 or newer.

To workaround this issue you have to set you client computer date to some day before 5.05.2015.


Do not use PVSCSI with VDP


If you are using VDP do not use VMware Paravirtual SCSI controller. VDP Appliance comming with LSI controllers out-of-box and for VDP those controllers are better then PVSCSI. That’s only because PVSCSI do not support HotAdd vHDDs. (

So backups going over LAN… not SAN…

Error while activating extension com.vmware.vdp2.mainapplication.


After upgrading my VDP 5.5 to 5.8 i saw this error on my vcenter:

„Failed to navigate desired location. Error details: Error while activating extension com.vmware.vdp2.mainapplication. Class not found ‚com.emc.vdp2.VdpMainContext’ in module /VDP2/VDP.swf”



Resolution: just delete all browser history etc. or use browser in „incognito” or „in:private” mode..

vSphere 5.5 + HP Virtual Connect — NIC Teaming and failover

A couple days ago I faced a problem with HP Virtual Connect and vSphere configuration. My HPVC are configurated with „Mapped Mode” and Legacy Mode. In that configuration I can only set 28 VLANs per one HPVC NIC. A problem was that I had to have more than 30 VLANs on my production cluster with vDS.

My first idea was to set Expanded VLAN Capacity on HPVC and increase VLANs capacity from 28 to 162. I didn’t use this solution because no one could tell me how this change will affect to the other running blade servers. So I decided to add two new NICs with new VLANs and connect them to vDS as a new two active uplinks.


IMO this solution should work fine, without problems. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

In that configuration I was strange problems with new VLANs on VMs. Some VLANs were working fine and some were not. So I started to do some tests.

For eg. I mapped management vlan (vmkernel) on 1 and 2 NIC – everything worked fine. When I mapped mgmt vlan only on 1st or 2nd NIC then vSphere Host went down in vCenter…. When I put new VLAN 100 on 3rd and 4th NIC everything was ok, on only 3rd NIC was ok, on only 4th NIC VLAN 100 was unreachable.

After that I came to the conclusion that is something with failover and loadbalance.

On ever port group we can edit „Failover and Load Balancing” and set „Failover Detection”, default is „Link Status only”.

As we can read on VMWare pubs a „Link Status only” is a simple method of failures detection. A second option is „Beacon Probing” which is more advance. So i choosed it.

Since then everything works fine, no matters on which NIC VLAN is..

So if you have a problems with network on vSphere and Virtual Connect try to set Beacon Probing as a method of failover detection.

Veeam Management Pack – event ID 11903


If you see event ID 11903 in your Veeam VMWare log, this can help you.


(example) Event 11903:

Property Expression: 98,1 

Property Value: 98,1 

Conversion Type: DataItemElementTypeDouble(3) 

Original Error: 0x80FF005A 

One or more workflows were affected by this.  

Workflow name: Veeam.Virt.Extensions.VMware.VMDATASTORE.Monitor.FreeSpace 

Instance name: xxxxxxxxxxx

Instance ID: {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} 

Management group: xxxx



Cause: Probably you used ” , ” as a decimal symbol in rule/rules overrides.

Solution: You should use ” . ” instead of ” , ” .

For example: type 98.1 in your override instead of 98,1.


Converting VM from Hyper-V 2012 R2 to VMWare vSphere 5.5


The sad fact is that VMWare vCenter Converter 5.5 is not supporting Hyper-V 2012 R2. Probably in new version this type of convertion will be supported.

If you want to convert VM from HV2012R2 to vSphere you have to use 3rd party apps like Starwind Converter or VirtualBox (vboxmanage.exe clonehd). You will convert vhd/vhdx to vmdk with those tools and you will be able to add this existing vHDD to new VM on vSphere.


Update: VMWare vCenter Converter 5.5.1 also does not support Hyper-V 2012 R2.

Pierwsze uruchomienie Ubuntu Desktop 13.10 na VMWare Workstation

Być może część z Was świeżo po instalacji Ubuntu Desktop 13.10 na VMWare Workstation 10 zderzyło się z problemem wyświetlania obrazu – nie widać nic prócz tła, ruch kursorem powoduje coś na wzór tzn. artefaktów w przypadku „wadliwych” kart graficznych.

Poniżej przykładowy screen:



Najprawdopodobniej jest to problem z akceleracją 3D w vGPU.

Wyłączcie akcelerację w sekcji „Display” w ustawieniach vHardware-u.


Po wyłączeniu, wszystko powinno wrócić do normy!